5 Common Mistakes People Make in an Interview

I am pretty sure that each one of us has been in a situation wherein we try so hard to get a job of our choice but screw it up only because we either say a little too much or a little too less in an interview and fail to create an impression on the interviewer. What makes it worse is the fact that more often than not we start blaming ourselves for this!


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Don’t fret! Help is at hand 🙂


I am definitely not saying this to make you feel better but, it’s pretty difficult to crack an interview, especially if you are a fresher looking for your first ever job. There are innumerable people out there who are able to crack all the exams in one go but when it comes to an interview, somehow the anxiety seeps its way through and make them commit some very common interviewing mistakes.

That is completely natural though.

Preparing for a job interview is an emotional roller coaster that no one tells you how to handle. You are scared to death because you don’t know how to make your flippant tongue gain control and hence, you are afraid that you might just blurt out a little too much than usual or necessary.

It is this self-doubt that can make you miss multiple opportunities of getting placed in the workplace of your choice!!

Well, it’s high time now and you really should let go of all those insecurities that hinder you from acing your interview. You ought to prepare yourself in order to excel at it with a positive outlook by using your time wisely so that you can leave an everlasting impression on everyone.

Before understanding what to do, you must understand what NOT to do!

You have to be aware of the things that might make your recruiter cringe. After all, you don’t want to blow your interview and drive your interviewer nuts.

However, what can make the winds turn in your direction is when you stop adhering to some of the basic things that you abide by in every important meeting.

And so that you succeed in your next interview, here are the five common interviewing mistakes that you are making unknowingly/knowingly which is making the interviewer scratch your name from the list of selected candidates: –


  1. Being Unprepared-

First things first, you are going for an ‘Interview’ and not for a stroll in the park near your locality. You CANNOT just go for an interview without carrying the documents and without knowing the basics of the company or the post that you have applied for.

This is basic guys! It’s an interview for heaven’s sake, you have to showcase your best behaviour. You cannot afford to run late or be ignorant about stuff!!

I am sure you do not want the interviewer to think that either you are uninterested in the company or you are just too bleh about everything in life.


  1. Wearing the Wrong Attire-

If you have picked out a slogan tee which has a joint on it and a pair of distressed denims to wear on your interview, let me tell you that this is called as committing a sin in the world of professionalism.

Always, dress decently no matter what! In fact, more importantly, dress according to the occasion. You cannot wear whatever you desire just because it looks classy or nice to you. Think before you wear!!


  1. Bad Mouthing Past Employees- 

You should not come to an interview for a company and rant about the previous company that you worked for. When you talk about your previous company extensively, you somehow affect your present because of your past.

Believe me, one sentence or two at the utmost, are enough to talk about why it did not work out in other company. You have to keep this in mind that no one has the time and energy to listen to lengthy rants about your how your life was set to be the premise for Horrible Bosses 3!

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A big fat NO!


  1. Not selling yourself enough/Selling yourself too much- 

To be honest, both the polarities are equally dangerous. If you are not willing to talk about yourself and the things you are good at in your interview, the interviewer will not come to know about your strengths and the things that you are actually good at.

On the other hand, if you talk too much about yourself, it gives an impression that you are too self-involved. Both these things can highly diminish your chances of getting a job.


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5. Be confident- 

If you yourself are flimsy and unsure about yourself, then you should not expect others to be sure about you. Little things like firm handshakes and maintaining eye contact can make a lot of difference. At the end of the day it is your belief in yourself that is going to help you fetch a job or anything that you want for that matter. So, keep that head held high folks!


Remember these super important interviewing tips for your next big day as they will not only help you understand what not to do in an interview but will also help you set one foot in the door the moment you enter.

All the very best 🙂